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Tasting Tips
Tasting Tips to make Wine Tours More Enjoyable for Everyone:
Have a nice meal before beginning your tour -- Never taste on an empty stomach.

Designate a driver !  Everyone wants to get home safely. Bravo if you’ve hired a car service!   

Fragrances can interfere with the flavor of wine and disrupt your neighbors as they taste. Perfume, cologne or body spray can interfere with your smelling senses.  There are 1,000’s of smelling senses and only 5 of taste, you get the picture…

Mint and Chardonnay? Not a likely pairing.  Loose the gum way before you taste! 

Have a cracker or some bread to clear your palate before you taste and in between wines so that you can actually taste the difference.

If your group is large, call ahead for reservations.

A tasting room is not a bar… it’s for sampling.  Many wineries offer seated tasting or a table at which you may enjoy a glass of wine, but first—taste the wines and decide what you would like to order by the glass, then move on to the designated area.

Once you begin your tasting, please stay at the bar until you finish.  Then make way for others to taste.  Don’t come and go with your glass.  It is harder for your server to keep track of what you’ve tasted…and the order in which you taste makes a difference.

Your wine pourer is a wine salesperson…not a bartender. It’s their job to educate tipping required…buy some wine!    If you just want to drink, skip the tasting  and order a bottle to enjoy on the deck or in the designated area.

Know your limit!  If you would like to taste and are feeling tipsy, have some water…a lot of water.  Ask your pourer about spitting…most wineries can offer you a discreet vessel for  spitting.  We have the number if you need a taxi.

Many wineries are small family businesses, you are visiting their home.  Treat it as such.  Never touch the vines!  Grapes are delicate things!    

Have fun, be respectful of others, listen to your server- they have invested a lot in their education about the wine they pour for you.  You just might learn something and find a whole new way to enhance your next meal or entertain your friends at your next party.  Ask questions!  People love to know that you are interested in what they do… and what they pour! 

Thanks for drinking and supporting Georgia Grown…Keeping it local makes life better for all of us.  Imagine the fuel saved by NOT shipping that wine all the way from California- or France!
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