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Blackstock Vineyards and Winery Closes Shop
CLEVELAND - Blackstock Vineyards and Winery, once billed as "the largest Independent wine-grower in the Southeast" announced  via email that it was closing it's doors.  In an email dated January 3rd and on the winery's Facebook social media page with the title "Thank You For So Many Amazing Years,"  Managing Member David A. Harris sent the email out addressed to "Friends of Blackstock" saying, "I am very saddened to inform you that we are closing the vineyards and winery at Blackstock." "In the end, we have suffered from repeated crop losses due to the exceptionally warm winters and the early bud-break dates. This has resulted in normal frost dates having a devastating effect to our crop.  We have also felt the sting from selling fruit in a soft economy and the importation of grapes and wine into Georgia wineries, eroding our market when the crop was plentiful." "While, in many ways, our fate was sealed on April 12th, I have been through every scenario imaginable to try to survive, but have also been through the roughest part of the reality emotionally. I truly hope someone ends up continuing operations here after I have moved on." Harris concluded the email stating that he had an  "another opportunity for which I am passionate and thankful.  Unfortunately, it is going to take me away from Georgia."   Blackstock Vineyards established in 1997 in the Town Creek area of White County between Dahlonega and Cleveland, Georgia as an LLC with about dozen investing members including David A. Harris as Managing Member. Approximately 24,000 vines were planted across 38 acres of the 89 acre property and the business provided winegrapes to several southeastern wineries. In 2006, the business expanded operations with a 5000 square foot winery and event space.  Speculation regarding the future of the business has been circulating throughout the wine community for months because Blackstock Vineyards has been listed for sale by Walden Business, Inc of Atlanta with an asking price between $2,500,000 to $ 6,000,000.  Included in the offering is the 89 acres of land, 5,000 sq ft winery and event space, inventory and equipment. According to USDA representatives, Blackstock Vineyards reported a complete loss of crop for the 2012 harvest after a another late-season front rattled North Georgia on April 12th of last year. White County was included in a North Georgia four county disaster area for 2012 established by the USDA and qualified for crop insurance relief and special disaster loans.
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